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Are you leveraging technology to put your events at the top of the heap?

We offer the latest in tech solutions to maximize your event ROI. Customized online registration with real-time payment processing, live receipting, personalized emailing and conditional logic ensures your attendees will have a flawless experience from registration all the way through to post-event communications. You will also see a dramatic reduction in workload for your staff and will receive an abundance of event and attendee statistics to help you plan for the future.

Talk to us today about how we can improve your delegate experience and reduce the load on your internal resources by leveraging technology solutions.


Event Horizons offers comprehensive conference and event management services, from inception to strategic planning to implementation, execution and follow-up. We take the guesswork out of the planning process and bring our years of experience to the table, ensuring that every detail is considered, back-up plans are made and (most importantly) that your goals are met.

Strategic Planning
For us, the planning process begins with understanding your goals and priorities. Our initial consultation meetings will help us to achieve clarity of purpose to ensure the resources you have dedicated to your event will be best used for maximum results.

Critical Path and Production Schedule
We develop detailed critical paths and workplans to ensure all parties involved in the planning process are well-informed, well-prepared for deadlines and working together toward the same goals. During our initial consultation meetings, we will work with you to discover what worked well (and not so well) with your past planning experiences and will deliver a plan that helps you to avoid costly mistakes, ensures most efficient use of your resources and executes on time. In preparation for the event itself, we develop a detailed production and staffing schedule that accounts for all on-site resources (including staff, volunteers and suppliers). This ensures that all those assisting on-site have clearly defined roles and responsibilities (including knowing where to be, when and why), while also ensuring that no details on-site are missed.

Having specialized in the association and non-profit sector, we are well versed in the concept of "doing more with less". We will help you to develop realistic budgets, using industry benchmarks, to ensure financial success. Whatever your financial goals for the event, our stringent budgeting process (including detailed expense projections and break-even models) will help you to shape your event and avoid surprises. We track expenses and revenues in real-time and provide regular financial updates, to help with decision-making throughout the planning process.

Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning
By their very nature, events are fluid and (even with the most meticulous preparation) there will always be some component that does not go exactly as planned. That's why it's important to have a risk mitigation and contingency plan. We will use our experience, your wisdom and industry best practices to put a plan in place. Throughout the planning process and on-site at the event, we are there to problem-solve, to keep you informed of changes and potential challenges, and to ensure the smooth execution of your event... regardless of what comes our way.

Speaker Management
If you have ever managed a large speaker roster for a conference, you know just what a challenging endeavour that can be. We will draft agreement letters and information packages; set timelines and deadlines for material submissions; track audio-visual and other equipment needs; receive abstracts, papers, biographies and head shots; collect powerpoints in advance for loading onto conference laptops; arrange for sound checks and rehearsal time; perform on-site meet & greets; arrange for travel and accommodations; and develop a rapport with your speakers to ensure they are all well-informed and prepared for the event and to ensure you have everything you need from them in advance.

Supplier Management
There can be many suppliers involved in a major conference or event, including caterers, hotels, convention centres, audio-visual providers, show service providers, entertainment, rental companies, security, transportation providers and more. We develop RFPs and offer detailed bid analysis, as well as review of contracts and recommendations for changes/additions to ensure you are well-protected. We manage supplier relationships to ensure everyone is focused on the success of your event. On-site, we oversee set-up, tear-down and execution to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. After the event, we will review your final invoices in detail to ensure everything is in order before you issue payment.

Meeting Space Management
We design your floorplans and overall traffic flow plans to ensure maximum impact for each component of your event.

Hotel Room Block Management
We solicit room rates and negotiate contracts to best meet the needs of your delegates. Depending on the size and scope of your group/event, we will ensure you have a full understanding of attrition clauses, sliding scales, cut-off dates and any other components of the hotel contract that might have a financial impact for you. We work with the hotel throughout the planning process to ensure we manage the group numbers effectively and to ensure a welcoming experience for your attendees.

Menu Planning
We have been on the leading edge of menu design, offering healthy and balanced meals long before the current trend began. We work directly with chefs to come up with creative solutions, all within budget. On behalf of past clients, we have developed menu plans to accommodate for the following needs: vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, high-protein. We encourage the use of locally-grown, sustainably-harvested foods.

Online Registration Services
Using a leading-edge system, we offer a customized online registration process for your delegates, speakers, staff and VIPs. Branded to match the "look" of your event, the forms are clean, easy to follow and super quick to complete. We use conditional logic to ensure each registrant type sees only what they need to see (for example: if someone registers for "Saturday Only", they will not see or be asked to choose from a list of breakout sessions happening on Sunday; if speakers receive complimentary registration, they will not see the registration fee section, etc.) We offer real-time, online credit card payment processing with the highest levels of security (PCI Level 1 compliant, and certified safe with the industry-best, highest transaction security standard). Attendees receive real-time confirmations via email with live receipting. We can send personalized mass emails to all registrants or to any segment of your registrant list prior to and following your event, ensuring terrific opportunities for you to target your messaging. Our system also offers reporting on every single detail in the system (from registrant contact information to session registration numbers and trending by day, delegate type or price point).

Website Design
We have been designing customized event websites for our clients since 1999 (back when the internet was barely there!) Our sites are clean, easy to navigate and chock full of the useful information your delegates (and potential delegates) will need in order to get the most out of your event experience. Our event sites include up-to-date interactive schedules (with links to speaker biographies and presentation abstracts), complete travel information with maps and directions, full details on accommodations (including booking links), info about social activities, exhibitor listings (with links to exhibitor sites, where offered), highlights about event sponsors, links to download conference materials in PDF format, and online registration forms.

Graphic Design and Print Production
We offer in-house graphic design services, including event branding and logo development. Using Adobe design software (including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat), we are able to design all collateral materials for your event (including promotional pieces, paper and PDF-fillable registration forms, brochures, flyers, printed programs, syllabus and proceedings). We manage the print production process with detailed timelines to ensure time for sign-off on all concepts and proofs, as well as delivery of all materials on time.

Marketing / Social Media
We offer a myriad of marketing solutions for your event, including leveraging social media to reach out to potential attendees, to keep registered delegates engaged and to keep up momentum during and following your event. Tools in our arsenal include directed (personalized, customized) email blasts, digital postcards and invitations, facebook pages, twitter feeds, blogs and event- or topic-focused chatrooms.

And So Much More!
Our comprehensive event management services offer expertise in every area you might need to plan and deliver flawless events. In addition to the above, our planning services also include:

  • Venue Selection
  • Booking of Suppliers / Sub-Contractors
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Technical Design
  • Decor Planning
  • Sponsor Recognition Management
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Food & Beverage Coordination
  • Coordination of Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Coordination of Audio / Visual Recording
  • Script Development
  • Evaluation Management (including online forms and analysis of results)
  • Design and Preparation of Name Badges
  • On-Site Management
  • Reporting (including financial reporting, room block pick-ups, registration numbers)

Are you ready to take your next event to the next level??

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